A single word but so many meanings to the patrons of this unassuming venue in George Town. To some it is the perfect after work bar, intimate with a lively atmosphere at the bar and subdued lighting. To others it is one of the standout kitchens on the island, crafting some incredible dishes using very fine ingredients. To the rest it is the place to go for an utterly sinful dessert… More on that later. However, to many of us, it is a combination of all three. By far my favourite restaurant on the island, let us delve into the world of Bacchus.

To me the style is reminiscent of a Parisian bistro, romantically dim lighting and a conservative colour scheme help create the ambience. The walls are adorned by a multitude of quotations from a wide variety of authors, philosophers and alcoholics. Whatever your opinions on this, it does spark both intrigue and conversation, everybody has their favourite.

The staff are possibly the greatest asset of the restaurant. Manager Martin and Head Waitress Simone are two of the most accommodating hosts on the island and are extremely attentive to make sure you have a great experience. While certain other members of staff may not be up to their standard, Simone will make sure nothing goes wrong.

Bacchus is one of many restaurants offering a lunchtime menu however I do believe theirs is by far the best. A large, varied menu that consists of 15-20 ‘stalwart’ dishes that you will see most days, and a smaller section of 5-7 dishes that changes every day. It is hard to pick out specific dishes but I have fond memories of the Nasi Goreng, a portion of Fish and Chips, a grilled Mahi dish and a superbly complex chicken pasta salad. My dining partner and I identified at least 15 ingredients in the salad, some used in minute quantities but nevertheless, an example of the way Bacchus does things.

The menu is compact to a level many North American diners would not be used to, but in the spirit of fine European restaurants the mantra is to do fewer dishes perfectly rather than a multitude averagely. Highlights include the Chateaubriand dinner for 2, the filet and the catch of the day, which is usually a choice of three types of fish cooked how you like and served with a sauce of your choice. My preferred combination is grilled Mahi with the Thai Red Curry sauce and rice. Do give it a try.

Dessert is where Bacchus really shines and stands alone. The sticky toffee pudding is always something to look forward to, I have brought visitors and friends alike to Bacchus simply for this one dessert. The main competition of the sticky toffee pudding comes in the way of the upside down apple pie, an amazingly delicate dish with one of the lightest, flakiest pastries I have ever eaten. To many the pursuit of perfection was off to a fine start with the toffee pudding but reached its zenith with the apple pie, which takes 15 minutes to appear once ordered, giving you just enough time to prepare yourself.

Bacchus is relatively well known for its ‘theme nights’ where a particular dish takes centre stage. Friday is Filet and Red Wine night with all you care to eat and drink for $49. Tuesday is Lobster and Champagne night while there are fondue nights throughout the week also. For those who have the appetite, Friday night is a real treat and represents fine value at this level of cuisine.

In summary, Bacchus is a remarkable establishment that continues to delight. Whenever I entertain guests visiting the island, Bacchus is always at the top of my list. If you cannot make it for dinner, try to make the lunch. If you feel the desire to spoil yourself a little, one of their desserts will surely leave you with a smile

Price: Two courses and an average bottle of wine for two people would be in the $100 – 120 region

Dress Code: Smart casual is implied

Recommended For: Dates, Anniversaries, Birthdays, A special night out, Lunch

Menu: http://www.bacchus.ky/

Phone: 345 949 5747

Location: Fort Street, opposite Senor Frogs